Bio Clock

Wondering what your chances of pregnancy are?
Starting a family is one of the biggest decisions in life, yet having a baby is not always easy. The Biological Clock(TM) has been developed to help woman identify her chances of giving birth at any given age. It is also designed to help you identify how long to wait before you start thinking about talking to your GP or specialist if you think you are having problems conceiving.  To check your chances of pregnancy, start the biological clock by visiting the Fertility Associates website – click here


3 comments so far

  1. Emma on

    How do you actually read the biological clock? I’m finding it a tad hard.

  2. Emma on

    All good worked it out 😀

  3. D on

    Well, what can I say, until now I felt I was going mad, after deciding not to continue with IVF and IUI adn give up all together I see your blog. I have the same feelings, I avoid going to get togethers where they have young children, I find it hard to be pleased for my other friends who are now pregnant. I know this feeling will go away one day but seeing these situations daily make it difficult. I feel I havent had a good laugh in the last 3 years. I kknow we have made the decision as my clock has passes its time.

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